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Welcome to the CXO's Course.

The program includes all our digital content.  Your course includes the following;

  1. The Six Video Courses
  2. The E Books
  3. The Webinars
  4. The Downloads

You should start by watching the Introduction to the CXO's Course, followed by the Set your Direction and Focus In Life, and then read the corresponding E-Book. Then download the corresponding exercises from the download section, print them out and fill them in. You can then watch the webinars as a top-up. All the course videos are about 8 hours and the webinars are about another 8 hours, creating a total of 16 hours of video audiovisual content for you to watch. I hope you like the course. 

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Welcome to the CXO Career Mastery Program!

Are you a seasoned CXO looking to cement your legacy and make a profound impact on your organization and industry? Your journey to executive excellence begins here with our CXO Career Mastery Program.

Why Choose Our CXO Career Mastery Program?

Designed for CXOs: Our program is meticulously crafted to cater exclusively to the unique demands and aspirations of CXOs.

Strategic Leadership Mastery: Develop visionary leadership skills and strategies to drive innovation, transformation, and organizational success at the highest level.

Exclusive CXO Network: Join an elite community of CXOs, fostering invaluable connections and thought leadership exchange.

Tailored Learning Experience: Customize your learning journey to align with your specific career goals and industry needs.

Executive Coaches and Mentors: Benefit from personalized guidance by top-tier coaches and mentors who have achieved remarkable success at the highest echelons of business.

Career Apex: Achieve career excellence, whether it’s taking your place in the boardroom, expanding global influence, or spearheading industry-shaping initiatives.

Your Path to Unprecedented Success

Your journey to unparalleled success begins with us. We believe in your exceptional capabilities and are dedicated to empowering you to achieve extraordinary accomplishments as a CXO. Join our CXO Career Mastery Program and embark on a transformative voyage towards executive leadership, personal growth, and career fulfilment.

Seize the opportunity to invest in your future. Enroll today and set a course for an extraordinary career that will shape industries and leave a lasting legacy!


1. Vision, Direction & Focus

2. Energy

3. Get an Interview

4. CV & Social Media

5. How to Interview

6. Salary Negotiation

A. Focus & Direction

5X5 Dream Box

Heavens Gate

Happiest Career Moment

Life Event Chart

Career Engagement

Ring of Focus

Setting Your Long Term Vision Exercise

B. Finding Your Energy

Career Road Map / Capability Map

Annual Goal Setting

Time Budget

C. Getting An Interview

Time To Meet Your New Boss

D. CV & Social Media

Branding Exercises

CV Template

E. How To Interview

Interview Prep Work Sheet

F. Salary Negotiation

Salary Negotiation Work Sheet

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