Creating Thought Leadership Content

Your CV is DEAD! It will never help you get a job.

Thought Leadership Content — Teaser

Your CV is DEAD! It will never help you get a job.

How do you get a job offer without ever telling them you are looking for one?

How do you showcase your skills and experience to top CEOs without ever sending your CV?

The Answer is to start creating thought leadership content!

The future is about thought leadership content and highlighting your capabilities to an audience of hiring managers, business leaders, CEOs or Board Members without ever telling them you are looking for a job. This course will show you how to create compelling and insightful thought leadership content that positions you as a pillar of expertise in your field.   Potential employers will drool over my candidates who use this approach.

The Methodology is Simple and Quick.

Learn how to make 3 phone calls, where you ask only 5 questions, and generate 8 white papers with almost no effort.  This is the “Ever Green Box” technique and is used by the world’s most powerful PR executives. 

The best part you can learn it in less than 15 minutes and use it for the rest of your life. 

Ever wonder why some professionals are all over the net and in magazines with insightful quips and quotes?  This short course will show you how they do it. 

Learn how professionals effortlessly create engaging content that showcases their core skills with ease and with limited effort.  This technique is tried and proven to take your career to new heights. 

This new approach of using thought leadership content to illicit job offers will leave your peers in the dust as they continue to use a 500-year-old tool kit called the CV and Resume.  Let’s be honest your kids will be in wonderment as you tell them how you used to look for a job.  Don’t be part of the past; be part of the future, drop the CV, and start creating thought leadership content. 

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