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The financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 battered the economy and many people had lost their jobs. I decided then I would do what ever I could to help as many people as possible.

I started writing this book “Get Your Dream Job” and it took over 8 years to complete. While writing the book I thought what if I died and my own son needed career advice, what would I write to him? This has provided the lodestar to writing this comprehensive guide to managing one’s career.

The book starts with setting your career strategy and helps you answer the question who do you want to become? It walks you through a series of exercises to answer questions such as, where have you been, what skills did you acquire over your career to date, who are you now, and, who do you want to become?

Setting your vision, direction and career strategy is one of the most powerful exercises you can perform in your life. “Get Your Dream Job” is packed full of exercises and approaches to help you do this. I will help you identify your strongest skills, values, energizing activities, personality traits, and subconscious drivers. These are the keys to unlocking peak performance in your career.

The book will also provide you with several tactics and strategies to increasing your energy, tenacity, and resolve. These techniques will increase your energy and help you maintain a positive mental attitude as you face the challenges of a job search.

As I am an executive search consultant part of my job is getting meetings with Chairman and Chairwoman of companies, board members, and CEOs. In this book I give you my tips and tricks to getting meetings with the most powerful decision makers in the world. These are techniques you cannot find anywhere else. They are industry trade secrets.

The book will also cover in detail your CV, social media profile, and how to interview. My book will provide insight into the psychology of the interview and what is happening on the other side of the desk. I will show you how to use body language to get the upper hand in your meetings and how to tell if your interviewee is lying to you or not. I will break down the science of interviewing for you and give you immediate tactics you will start using as soon as you put the book down.

The capstone of the book is the final chapter on Salary Negotiation. I will walk you through mock salary negotiations and will highlight simple strategies you can use to squeeze more money out of your offer. These strategies are so simple and so effective anyone can use them. The chapter also comes with instructions on how to create a salary negotiation strategy as well as how to use effective techniques such as framing, anchoring, reciprocity, discounting, and when to use first mover advantage.

The book is a must read for anyone who is serious about their career and wants a competitive advantage over their peers, cohorts, and colleagues.

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