Why I Made This Website

It is always disturbing to see a loved one or close friend lose their job.  I wanted to help so I wrote the book “Get Your Dream Job”. I turned the book into a series of video tutorials and webinars; and added a live Zoom Room to the program.  Pretty soon it was the most comprehensive job search and career management program on the planet.  It is a program that was made from the heart for my loved ones, and now I am offering it to you.

Shane Phillips

Shane Phillips

I was born into this business. 

Our techniques have been handed down from father to son, now I am handing them to you.

Shane Phillips is the CEO of The Phillips Group, a management consultancy which works with boards and CEOs to help them realize their vision and achieve their organizational objectives.  The company was founded by his father, Carlton A. Phillips, in Canada in 1984. Helping people with their careers has been a family tradition at The Phillips Group for more than 36 years.   Shane has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from The London Business School.  Over the years Shane has personally helped thousands of people with their careers.

www.ownmycareer.com is owned and managed by Shane Phillips HR Consultancy, based in Dubai, UAE. Shane Phillips HR Consultancy is owned and operated by Shane Phillips who has been working in Dubai since 2008, a city which at times had the highest job growth rate in the world.