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Get Your Dream Job with Shane Phillips

3.8 (3.5 K+)
Negotiating your own salary is one of the most difficult things you will do in your career. I have negotiated complex multi-million dollar salaries and I want to share these powerful techniques with you.
Scheduling a meeting with someone who can say “You’re hired!” is a skill set that has to be learned.
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Julius PaceñoJulius Paceño
06:53 23 May 24
The resources and tools provided are some of the best you'll ever need for a career boost. Each course will help you navigate the ever-evolving job market with confidence. Whether you're just starting out or looking to advance your career, OwnMyCareer offers comprehensive support to help you land your dream position. Highly recommended for job seekers at all levels!
Thariq JiffryThariq Jiffry
11:51 22 May 24
The trainings are very straight forward and very practical. You can see yourself transforming in a short span of time with some of the best tips you will ever need for a boost in career. Very results oriented and focused career courses.
Angelo MathewsAngelo Mathews
11:30 22 May 24
One of the best Career courses that I have taken so far. The class on Salary Negotiation is especially good. Highly Recommend. Best thing is the Career Coach is a Head Hunter himself.

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Whether you are a doctor or a construction worker, whatever your job title, we all have the same job, we trade our time for money. The only difference is we all trade our time at different rates. Some people trade at a premium, and some trade at a discount.

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Short description of Step 1: Find Your Direction and Focus in Life

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