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This is one of the most comprehensive job search systems in the world.

Real strategies from actual executive placements, real advice from actual headhunters.

“Get Your Dream Job” is a six step process.

My father and I have been placing senior executives in jobs for over 35 years. Our books have been published in 7 languages and we have studied, interviewed, and worked with Global CEOs in over 85 countries.
Want to know a secret? Most of the top-performing and highest-paid CEOs use the same career management strategies, tactics, and techniques. I want to share these with you. It all starts with a vision for you, which is covered in the first video series “Direction and Focus”.

1. Direction and Focus
2. Finding Your Energy
3. Getting an Interview
4. CV and Social profile
5. How to Interview
6. Salary Negotiation
It is not the best candidate who gets the job.

It’s the best convincer. Learn the secrets of the world’s highest paid executives and how they get hired.

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Of the top ten richest people in the world, about seven of them are self-made. That means they did not inherit the money nor did they come from rich and powerful families. They followed the success principles.

Our Master Video Series will take you through the same process. It all starts with vision, which is Step 1 - Direction and Focus.

Next is Step 2 - ensuring you have the energy and motivation to dominate your job search.

Then you need to build a power network, which we cover in Step 3 - Getting An Interview.

Your efforts will not be profitable if you do not brand and market yourself correctly, which is Step 4 - Your CV and Social Media profile.

How you present yourself is critical to your success; we cover this in Step 5 - How to Interview.

Finally the program culminates in Step 6 - How to Negotiate Your Salary, a skill you will use for the rest of your life.

These steps will take your career to new heights.

What you will get

How To Get Meetings with Decision makers

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Salary negotiation techniques

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Advanced interview Skills Winning the subconscious dialogue

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Setting Your long term career strategy

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Steps & Exercises

Use these six steps to get your dream job. This is one of the most comprehensive job search systems in the world.

Vision will trump ability, skills, and experience. It is the quintessential ingredient in your success story. It is vision that put people on the moon, that created the first flying machines and it is vision that will take your career to new heights. Having an unwavering sense of direction and focus throughout your career will be one of the strongest competitive advantages you will ever acquire. Take the first step in your success story now.

Success is a process of action. You will need a deep well of energy to fuel your job search. As human beings our fuel is emotion. Elated, positive, high-energy people have unlimited amounts of energy and as a consequence they have phenomenal results. Learn how to tap into your internal and subconscious energy sources. Ensure that you will not lose your resolve or positive mindset throughout your job search.

Many executives and professionals I work with struggle with getting a meeting with a decision maker. Learn the techniques of the world’s top executive search consultants and how they get meetings with the most powerful CEOs on the planet. Learn a process which will allow you to penetrate the most coveted companies. Scheduling a meeting with someone who can say “You’re hired!” is a skill set that has to be learned. This course will deliver value for you not just on your job search but for the rest of your career.

Not getting the results you expect from your CV? That is most likely because your CV is obsolete. Did you know the world’s highest-powered executives get their jobs without a CV? Learn how in this video series. What’s really important is to manage your personal brand and online digital presence effectively. I will walk you through how a professional recruiter will view your profile on linkedin, facebook and instagram.

It is never the best candidate who gets the job, it is the best convincer. Being great at your job does not mean you will pass the interview. In my career I have seen brilliant executives fail interviews miserably. In fact, some of the best people are the worst interviewers. Interviewing is a skill, and our techniques will give you the competitive edge on all the most common questions. My family and I have been handling this topic since 1984.

Negotiating your own salary is one of the most difficult things you will do in your career. Emotions are high and the pressure is on, so make sure you have a professional in your corner. Learn core skills such as how to create a negotiation strategy, how to find out how much you are worth, what the employer’s pay band is, should you open the negotiation or wait for them to start with an offer, and many more skills you will use for the rest of your life. I have negotiated complex multi-million dollar salaries and I want to share these powerful techniques with you.

Our full-day webinar course is the fastest way to get a competitive advantage over other job seekers. Quick one hour sessions on each of the most relevant areas for your job search. The full day webinar series condenses the 500 page E Book and 88 video courses into six shorter webinars. The webinars vary in length from 55 minutes to 1 hour 40 minutes.  The program can be completed in one day with total viewing time just over 8 hours approximately.

The top CEOs would never make a meeting with me, until I learned the secret to opening any door.

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