The Do’s and Don’ts of Cover Letters

Here is a quick synopsis of the dos and don’ts of cover letters:


  • Adopt a bespoke approach to each employer;
  • Clearly state what you do and what your key experiences are (name, title, company);
  • Quantify your achievements with actual numbers;
  • Clearly state which role you are interested in and why;
  • Clearly demonstrate results you have achieved;
  • Clearly state which brands you delivered results for;
  • End with a deposit; highlight how you want to help them achieve their goals.


  • Forget to personalize the cover letter;
  • Leave out for whom you work or have worked for, especially if it is a top brand;
  • Make generic statements like “significant result” and
  • “huge impact”;
  • Forget to mention which job you want;
  • Make spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

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