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Bupa Arabia Career Development

Welcome to the Bupa Arabia Career Development page. Brought to you in conjunction with Ownmycareer.com.

We have prepared a selection of videos, E Books, and templates to help you find your dream job. To start please watch our intro video above.

Bupa Arabia Free Career Course

1 hour of packed industry secrets and job finding tips

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Join the free WhatsApp group in partnership with Ownmycareer.com and ask our Career Coach Shane Phillips any question you may have.

Become part of the community and share experiences, techniques and approaches that people are using to find their dream job.

This resource is 100% free.

Free live zoom call WED at 1pm GST

Join Shane Phillips every Wed at 1pm for a live free Zoom call where Shane discusses the most effective ways to get a competitive edge in your career. Make sure you outperform the competition in your job search. Join us every Wed at 1pm for the world’s most potent career management strategies.

HOST Shane Phillips
Shane PhillipsCEO, The Philips Group

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Bupa Arabia and Ownmycareer.com would like to make meaningful contribution to your career.

Free CV Template

Use this free CV Template to build your professional, high-impact resume.

Free E Book

How to use the "CAR Method" or "STAR Method" when answering interview questions.

This method is the best way to respond to behavioral style or competency-based interview questions.

More Free Videos

Please taka a look at our video tab, there are tons of free resources waiting for you.

You can also find all the previous "OMC Live at Five" sessions and over 30 career tips on the video tab, all 100% free.

This page is brought to you by Bupa Arabia in partnership with Ownmycareer.com.
While we may not be able to hire everyone who applies to our company, we can try to
assist everyone on their journey to find their dream job. We hope you find yours very
soon and would like to thank you for your interest in Bupa Arabia.

We hope you like the free resources we have prepared for you and hope to see you on
one of our live zoom sessions. Happy job hunting.

More Career Resources

If you feel you would like to have more detailed career training please visit our courses page, or if you feel you would like a more personal one on one session you can also hire a career coach to work with you from Ownmycareer.com. We have one of the largest career resources available in the world, it is all just one click away.

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